The textured uniqueness of healing copper


Original handmade healing pure copper bracelet. The smooth and round surface of the bracelet gives the bracelet uniqueness and minimalism. You can combine bracelets of other textures and sizes with this bracelet, and it also goes well with stones, leather bracelets or next to a watch. The copper that warms to the body will allow you to adjust its volume, but do not forget that the bracelet should be placed on the thinnest part of the wrist (on the side). The bracelet is a great gift for both men and women - unisex design. You can wear it every day, sleep with it or take a shower without fear that the bracelet will change color.

  • The width of the bracelet is 0,8 cm (0,31 inch)
  • Choose the bracelet size below

If we don't have bracelets at the moment, you can write to us by e-mail. send me a letter about the possibility of making the desired bracelet.

There may be slight differences between the photos and the live view, they are all handmade and are slightly different.

Pasirinkite dydį


Copper has many healing properties. And it is closer to Lithuanians than other metals - in ancient times, almost all jewellery was made from copper. Copper is believed to have the ability to store energy as its main healing property for the body and soul.

Copper's properties help preserve youth and beauty. The human body contains about 70-120 mg of copper. A deficiency can be a major cause of heart disease, stroke or atherosclerosis. Copper has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects, protects against infections and strengthens immunity. Copper also has a wide range of healing properties. Archaeologists have noted that it was perhaps the most favoured and popular metal used for jewellery by our distant ancestors.

How can copper benefit the body? It is thought to provide vitality and energy, and to have a positive effect on brain function. It can help to overcome various inflammations, recover from serious illnesses, improve blood circulation, and help in the treatment of rheumatic and kidney diseases. If your skin darkens after wearing copper jewellery, you should get a health check, as you may be deficient in copper. One of the easiest and quickest ways to replenish your body's copper reserves is to wear copper jewellery, which will replenish your body with copper through your skin.

  • Replicating and creating an identical piece of jewelry is impossible. That’s why each piece of our jewelry, just like this one, is a unique work of art.
  • Jewelry is packaged into branded eco-friendly gift boxes.
  • Each piece is sealed with lacquer to preserve its color.
  • Please do not wear it in water or spray perfumes on jewelry pieces as these elements may harm the finish of the jewelry. 

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